Fort Point Golden Gate bridge session

Fort Point is the only entrance to the San Francisco Bay and it was built to protect San Francisco against hostile warships. Today it’s protected as Fort Point National Historic Site and has become a well desired tourist attraction.

At Fort Point in San Francisco, you will discover a very unexpected and majestic view of the Golden Gate Bridge and a spectacular view of the San Francisco skyline. Wedding, engagement or family photos taken at Fort Point always look amazing and the experience will be breathtaking.

The shore with the big rocks, the metal chains, strong bay waves, view of  island Viktoriya and the bridge will always impress someone regardless if that someone is visiting for the first time or has come back time after time.

Fort Point is a very beautiful location for your wedding, engagement or family photo session. You can also get pretty close to the bridge if you climb on the roof of the Fort Point National Historic Site building. The pictures will be so different and so impressive on the roof. Please see the pictures below for more details.

Fort Point sunset session 2019


Best Time for a Photoshoot:  Right before the sunset

Meeting point: Fort Point National Historic Site

Recommended outfit: Festive, Business Casual, Casual Dressy, Casual

Parking: Free parking

Warning: Prevent Car Break-ins, Don’t leave anything on display in your car

Walking: Depends how far you parked your car. Rideshare cars should be able to come to the front

Hours: Closes at sunset

Fees: Always free

Restroom: Yes

Other: If photoshoot is scheduled for a weekend day then additional location is available, Fort Point National Historic Site which is only open on weekends. 

Sunset family photoshoot at Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point