Wedding Photography in San Francisco

Hi everyone! We are Olga and Slav and hopefully, we will be your next photographers. 

We live in one of the best cities in the world, San Francisco. Working together as a photography team makes us more efficient and allows us to be in more than one place at a time to capture your precious memories from different angles and perspectives.

In the time that we have worked as a photography team, we have been privileged to work for different companies and people which have provided us the opportunity to take pictures at multiple venues to include birthday parties, weddings, newborn, family and couple pictures, concerts, and in studio settings, just to name a few.

We have also been fortunate enough to have taken pictures for prominent writers, influencers, and even celebrities. It is our hope that you will allow us to work with you as well.  

The following is our approach to the art of photography and we certainly hope that you will book your next photo session with BilykArt.   

Is Photography an art? It absolutely is.   


That’s right, people and not clients. Everyone is different, everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Everyone feels different in each moment and expresses their feelings in a different way. Everyone comes with different expectations and everyone wants to try different things at each and every photoshoot. The hair, the eyes, the makeup, the accessories, the outfit, the shoes, setting… The list goes on and on. All of these are very different aspects of each person’s vision and each person wants a photographer to highlight different features which a true photographer cannot ignore. 

Photoshoot Locations. 

There are so many amazing photoshoot locations in San Francisco that are so unique and so overwhelmingly beautiful to describe, that they can only be captured in a photo. There is no doubt that the perfect setting can be found in San Francisco to fulfill any vision you may have. Because of the vast variety of locations, each session in San Francisco is very unique. Take a moment and think about Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Car, Sutro Bath, Painted Ladies, Legion of Honor, Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks, Palace of Fine Arts, Pier 7, not to mention all of the beautiful scenic views that San Francisco has to offer. These locations are all extremely amazing and extremely unique. There is no doubt that there is a special setting for you to fulfill your vision.


Golden hour is my absolute favorite time to capture your golden moments such as family and couple photos, engagements, weddings, and views of the city. For these moments, scheduling your photoshoot one hour before sunset is a must and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Each person looks different depending on the time of day in which they are captured. The sun that makes our planet warm also makes our cities, streets, and nature look warm. This warmth also reflects the warmth in each person and setting. Close your eyes and imagine the sunlight penetrating through the tree branches at Lands Ends or Sutro Bath, or when the sunset light changes the color of the Golden Gate Bridge and turns it gold for a few minutes, or when the sunlight gleams into the Palace of Fine Arts. All these are absolutely priceless, and help to make your memories golden. 


Everyone in the world knows that San Francisco doesn’t have seasons. We have warm days and we have cold days. Our summer is often colder than our winter. There are days when it’s so clear that you can see the skyline. And there are days that you cannot even see the bridge even though you stand right next to it. Every neighborhood has its own microclimate. The fog is so beautiful, unpredictable, and breathtaking. Despite the numerous pictures I have taken of the fog, yet any time I see it float across the bay or roll into San Francisco, I have to take more. I am simply mesmerized but its weightless beauty. Is it even possible to capture photos of anything in fog? Absolutely. The Golden Gate Bridge vista points, Twin Peaks, or Mount Tamalpais create a perfect setting above the fog and allow the city to be seen in a whole new light. It’s an absolutely breathtaking experience.  


Because each person and each moment is unique, each and every picture requires a personal and unique touch. We spend countless hours editing your photos to capture each and every specific moment to make it personally customized and just as unique as you without overediting. We only edit to capture the best qualities of the scene. We are in the business of making memories, not making factory style pictures. In every picture we have ever edited, we can specifically tell you what was edited, why it was edited, how it was edited, and what made the end result so magnificent. We treasure our photos. Editing is a very personal experience which requires the right mindset. It cannot be done on a whim and and has to be carefully thought out when the timing is right. 

All of these things are what make photography an art

San Francisco Wedding & Family Photographers,

Olga & Slav