Marshall's beach session

About: You won’t see a lot of pictures taken at Marshall’s Beach close to Golden Gate Bridge for a very simple reason. It is one of the hardest places to get to. An extensive 40 min walk is required to the Marshall’s Beach from the closest parking lot. Not everyone is down for it. If you are one of those people that is willing to do that then we will be happy to keep you company with our cameras. The whole experience will be amazing. Pictures taken at Marshall’s Beach are so amazing. With the Golden Gate Bridge on the backdrop, the rocks in the water and waves look so spectacular in the light of a sunset. We are willing to go down to Marshall’s Beach with you because we want to be part of such an awesome experience. The pictures taken at Marshall’s Beach can’t be confused with any other location. 


Best Time for a Photoshoot:  Right before the sunset.

Meeting point: Langdon Court Parking lot.

Recommended outfit: Ceremonial, Festive, Business Casual, Casual Dressy, Casual.

Parking: Free parking

Warning: Prevent Car Break-ins, Don’t leave anything on display in your car.

Walking: 30-40 min walk is necessary at this location, up and down the hill. Rideshare cars should be able to come to the meeting point.

Hours: Always open.

Fees: Always free.