About: USF is a very personal place for many. It’s not a secret that a lot of young people spent a few years there and some paid a lot of money for education there. So, getting a degree from USF is a big and very memorable thing. We think that everyone who got a degree from USF should have a professional photoshoot at its main campus. USF has a great campus and grounds to walk located on the hill with beautiful landscaping. Amazing architecture and gorgeous steps and majestic trees make this place stand out and offer many different great backgrounds for your photos. Wearing festive graduation clothes is absolutely necessary for the best outcome. BilykArt photographers will do their best on highlighting all graduation elements that one will wear or bring as all of them are very important for those that graduated.


Best Time for a Photoshoot:  Right before the sunset.

Meeting point: USF Parking lot, 2130 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Recommended outfit: Graduation Clothes

Parking: Free parking

Warning: Prevent Car Break-ins, Don’t leave anything on display in your car.

Walking: It all depends on how far you parked your car.  Rideshare cars should be able to come to the meeting point.

Hours: Always open.

Fees: Always free.

Restroom: No

If you are a graduate of USF and looking for a professional photoshoot at the main campus then book BilykArt photographers. We have an experience taking group and individual photos there. It is absolutely worth it because your education is a great achievement and will direct your life in many ways. And you would want to preserve professional photos of yourself at such a moment. You will appreciate these photos more than you think later in life. And BilykArt photographers will do everything they can to meet your expectations.