Wedding at Golden Gate Park

Huntington Falls is one of the most attractive locations as it is located in the heart of gorgeous San Francisco Golden Gate Park. Photos taken at Huntington Falls are simply stunning. Huntington Falls has so much to offer to photographers. The waterfall threshold is all very unique and different. The small bridges, large and small rocks, add a different feel to each of them. So much for the camera to capture!

The area around Huntington Falls is filled with so many amazing things, exotic nature, amazing Stow Lake, the small bridge, big green leaves, Golden Gate Pavilion and so much more. All these beautiful things at Huntington Falls can be captured by our cameras for you. Huntington Falls is a perfect location for a photo session. Please see the pictures below for more details.


Best Time for a Photoshoot:  Right before the sunset

Meeting point: Stow Lake Boathouse parking lot 

Recommended outfit: Ceremonial, Festive, Business Casual, Casual Dressy

Parking:  Free street parking is available on Stow Lake Drive East

Warning: Prevent Car Break-ins, Don’t leave anything on display in your car

Walking: Depends how far you parked your car. RIdeshare cars should be able to come to the front

Hours: Always open

Fees: Always free

Restroom: Available at Stow Lake Boathouse parking lot