San Francisco-Ferry-Building

About: A photoshoot at the Embarcadero around the Ferry Building will add a unique San Francisco city feel to your pictures. You get to choose a different background from Harry Bridges Plaza because each side has something different to offer.

All these backgrounds will be available here, the Ferry Building, the San Francisco Financial Center, the Embarcadero street, the Embarcadero plaza, the Sue Bierman Park and so many others. If you are looking for photos that will reflect the variety of San Francisco city street life then you should definitely consider booking a session here.

We can also catch an old-style trolley car for the background that passes by once in a while. Please see the pictures below for more details. The palm trees, the unique benches, trees, and giant rock formations will definitely make your pictures look rich and complete. Please see the pictures below for more details.

Embarcadero Ferry Building couple photoshoot


Best Time for a Photoshoot: Right before the sunset

Meeting point: Ferry Building main entrance

Recommended outfit: Festive, Business Casual, Casual Dressy, Casual.

Parking: No free parking in this area. There is a paid street parking on the Embarcadero Street, Washington Street, California Street and Drumm Street

Warning: Prevent Car Break-ins, Don’t leave anything on display in your car

Walking: It depends how far you parked your car. Rideshare cars should be able to come to the meeting point. 

Hours: Always open

Fees: Always free

Restroom: Available in the Ferry Building