About: Having a photoshoot with a professional Saulsalito Yacht Club photographer is an experience. So, booking a session at the Sausalito yacht club with BilykArt is more than just a session. It’s an escape feel experience that will create moments that can be shared with others. If you like yachts, piers, ocean, and sunsets then Sausalito yacht club should be your next photo session location.

Saulsalito Yacht Club Photographer
Book Saulsalito Yacht Club Photographer

Sunsets are very beautiful at the yacht club in Sausalito. And there are many smaller piers that allow you to approach the yachts from a very close distance. And that makes it possible to take great photos with yachts being up close. So, if you are a yacht person and want some great shots with the fancy and expensive yachts then this is your next photoshoot spot for a vacation-style session. There are also gorgeous hill and city views that will add to the background different varieties if the right lens is used. The Sausalito yacht club is also a good location for a proposal session if the yachts are or were part of your love story. 

Having professional photos taken with stylish yachts in the background is kind of unusual. And if you are one of those unusual and not ordinary people that is looking for a session with the yachts then contact BilykArt and we will take you for your dream session.  

If you are looking to get an escape, vacation-style photoshoot in the San Francisco area then a session at the yacht club with fancy boats might be a good option for you. Imagine, gorgeous sunset, blue water, piers, and expensive-looking yachts that are easy to approach. It might be a session that you were looking for for a long time. With the BilykArt team photoshoot at the Sausalito yacht club is possible.    


Best Time for a Photoshoot:  Right before the sunset.

Meeting point: Yacht Club office entrance 

Recommended outfit: Festive, Casual Dressy, Casual.

Parking: Free parking

Warning: Prevent Car Break-ins, Don’t leave anything on display in your car.

Walking: It all depends on how far you parked your car.  Rideshare cars should be able to come to the meeting point.

Hours: Always open.

Fees: Always free.

Restroom: No