Christmas Photoshoot at Union Square, San Francisco

About: Union Square is a very well known and very much desired photo shoot location in San Francisco. Thousands come to the square every day to take pictures here. It’s no surprise that you may also be  interested in having a photo session at Union Square, especially around the Christmas season. The main San Francisco Christmas tree is always located at Union Square. So many different exciting events also happen there throughout the year. It’s worth having professional pictures done at the Union Square that can always remind you about your experiences in San Francisco. We are here to make your dreams come true. To connect with us, please click on the “book a session” tab.  Feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions regarding your next photo session at Union Square in San Francisco. 


Best Time for a Photoshoot:  Right before sunset.

Meeting point: Intersection of Post Street & Powell Street

Recommended outfit: Festive, Casual Dressy, Casual.

Parking: Paid parking right under Union Square.

Warning: Prevent Car Break-ins, Don’t leave anything on display in your car.

Walking: 5 min walk is necessary at this location. Rideshare cars should be able to come to the meeting point.

Hours: Always open.

Fees: Always free.

Restroom: Available in the parking lot. You must have a parking ticket to be able to enter it